Hotel Pool
Imagine staying at a beautiful resort close to all the local clubs, activities, bars, and the beach! Do you hate when you don’t know your neighbors, or are you afraid you will be next to someone who is not on the same mission as you? With Alpha Breaks you will be on the SAME FLOOR as your whole university! The question is: will your school be able to keep up with other universities, or will they have to keep up with you? Which school will be the Alpha School! With Alpha Breaks you are seconds away from the Resort pool that will be a perfect way to start, end, and enjoy each day. For some, just one pool is not enough, so enjoy the Resorts lazy river that flows throughout the backyard! We are here to offer the best, so why not live your Spring Break, King Size, the Alpha way.

Coach Bus

Coach Bus
Whose car are we taking? How much are flights again? I don't want to put those miles on my car! They want to know how much for me to bring luggage?... The biggest problem not talked about with ANY vacation is transportation. Why be charged extra for bringing WHAT YOU NEED? Alpha Breaks is here to solve the problem, so many people don’t realize this problem can be fixed. Imagine never having to stop to use the bathroom, never having to ask the question, “How much longer?”. Imagine actually enjoying transportation! Alpha Breaks offers multiple coach buses that will pick you up from your University, and works with professional drivers so you don't have to worry about crashing your friends car or not being able to sleep because you don't trust your friend behind the wheel. Everyone hates driving through dead zones, Snapchats won’t send, text messages won’t send and that’s why there is Wifi for everyone on the bus FOR FREE! Not only is this the safest way to travel, but imagine being able to stand up, walk around, move around, use the restroom, benefit from unlimited storage, enjoy countless movies all around with your friends. With Alpha Breaks, you do not have to worry about the logistics, your only worry will be if you can bring enough people!


Too many vacations happen where you show up to your destination and ask the same questions, “What are we doing today?”. With Alpha Breaks we provide 7 activities to always give you options to do whatever you want EVERYDAY! Instead of just going to the beach everyday, why not go to the beach to relax and meet other universities. Our activities range from going to a spooky Haunted House to going on a treasure hunt AGAINST other universities, mixing survivor with Kayak adventures to hunt for clues with escape room to see which University can find the treasure first! Think of our activities as a Rated-R Disney World, our activities include:
  • • Haunted House
  • • Amusement Park with Multiple Roller Coasters
  • • Sky Wheel
  • • Adventure with Alligators
  • • Booze Cruise
  • • Helicopter
  • • Mini Golf
  • • Adventure Matrix
  • • Escape Room
  • • Ripley's Believe It or Not
  • • Spike Ball
  • • Volley Ball
  • • Tug Of War


We have given everyone in our package access to multiple clubs to avoid paying cover fees, each club is a different atmosphere with different themes every night you party with us! Imagine VIP treatment every night and being treated like you own the club. At Alpha Breaks you will live the life you want, here are the clubs you will be given access to:
  • Boat House is on the water way and a great venue for live music
  • Sharkeys is a place to kick the night off and end the next morning
  • Senor Frogs is known national for being the place to be
  • Beach House is a place to kick the week off and represent your school

Video Crew

Video Crew
We have been on spring break and are leaving you something better than a memory. We have a professional video crew that will be working with each and every school to leave you with something that you can bring home. Imagine having the best time of your life be something you can show off for as long as you desire. We help you make your trip unforgettable. We are here to give you more than a fantastic memory, in today's age pictures are proof. We are going to capture your favorite, craziest, most memorable moments on spring break and turn your ultimate vacation into a movie for you to hold on to and remember forever. We also understand that not everyone wants to see how extreme and wild your spring break is, because this is not the first time we are doing this. We will be providing you with two different videos, one to show your friends how great of a time you had. The second version is going to be one you can show your family, to show them how great of an experience you had.


Imagine free transportation to get to activities and clubs TO AND FROM multiple days. How much will you save by not spending an unnecessary amount on Uber. We are providing FREE rides to and from every activity and night life adventure to give you the most stress free, affordable experience, because after all Uber expenses add up. Have us provide you a safe transportation after you have an eventful day! We will be there when you are ready.


We have been organizing spring breaks for college students for the past 4 years and have traveled throughout the country and the world in search for a Spring Break paradise. We have been to the best Spring Break locations and have had great times, but we were astonished when we visited Myrtle Beach. When Myrtle Beach was a major contender for our location in 2020 we decided to go down and visit to see what the location had to offer, we were supposed to be on a 2 day trip to see if Myrtle Beach was a good fit for college students. Our 2 day trip turned into almost a month trip because we found paradise and never wanted to leave. Myrtle Beach is a service-based city designed to give a vacation you did not think was possible A few spring break companies are at multiple locations and are not focused on individual locations. We are in one location and 100% of our focus will be on Myrtle Beach and your experience. We are not going to focus 10% on a certain location and 25% on a different one because we “like it more”. NO. All of our staff, discounts, focus, priorities will be at only one location, to ensure you have an absolutely guaranteed Spring Break of a lifetime with not only a few of your friends, ALL OF THEM.

Parents Info

All colleges have spring breaks so your son / daughter can have a week to relax and enjoy a break from school with all of their friends. We are here to take all the stress off of you by providing the safest, and most organized experience for your child. We understand the unnecessary stress of worrying about your child driving safely with all of their friends through the late night. Nevertheless worrying about the car if they are borrowing your vehicle. That's why we are providing safe transportation with a coach bus with professional drivers to ensure the safest ride possible, that does not take away from the experience, if anything this makes the experience better. We do not shy away, or disregard drinking and driving, so we will be providing shuttles to and from all nightlife options for each night. We have eliminated that concern by ensuring safe rides.

Besides a fun and safe ride we also provide stay at a resort, close to all the activities and right on the beach, to provide the ultimate vacation. We understand you want to stay posted with how their trip goes as well, so at the end of there vacation we will have a family friendly video to trap the moment of there Spring break, so your child can share their break with you.