About Alpha Breaks and The Planners For Your Spring Break Experience

About Alpha Breaks

Alpha Breaks is here to save you stress from planning an impossible break. All you have to do is just SHOW UP! After that Alpha Breaks will take it from there. Once you take the most Alpha way to Myrtle Beach, you will have multiple options on what to do each day! Myrtle beach is a place meant for young life to come celebrate with their friends, there are clubs, amusement parks, escape rooms, jet skis, boats, water parks, roller coasters, and SO MUCH MORE! Myrtle Beach is a place designed to give you the tools to have memories of a lifetime.

Our mission is to provide you and all of your friends with truly the best and most original Break experience there can be. Full swing and with unbeatable passion we will organize every detail of your adventure. We’ve spent hours exploring the options, learnt from our experiences and those we helped in the past and gained unique know-how of to make your Break an amazing experience. We have also invested lots of time and energy into making important contacts in this industry so that we can provide you with superb amenities and activities so all that is left for you is to enjoy your Spring Break to the fullest. Please join us on this unforgettable journey. We hope to see you and soon!

Meet The Alpha Breaks Spring Break Experience Planners


Gibby: (Chief Executive Officer)

Gibby has been organizing spring breaks for his friends around the world for the past four years and is prepared to give you one that provides an experience that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Gibby is determined to turn your Spring Break into a fantastic and truly one of a kind journey full of unforgettable moments. A voyage full of original activities, fun, excitement and one that you can share with all of your friends. He believes in making every moment be the best it can be and that is his guiding principle in everything that he does!

Gibby follows through… what that means is that he will say something then moments later he will make it happen. Soon you will learn that he also has the most creative imagination you will ever come across. Gibby will come up with a plan and you will follow just to see if it will really work out, which even against odds usually does. You have to be just as crazy passionate and zealous about the goal to see his vision!


Will: (Chief Content Officer)

Will embraced college life and found a way to condense the high points of college experiences into five days. Will can make friends anywhere in the world, he has fantastic people skills and you will feel as you had known him for ages the very first moment you meet him.

With all the fun we guarantee you will have, Will is the one who will also make sure you will not do something you will regret, but never turns down a good time. Will is going to make your experience into a whole load of side quests to try to accomplish the impossible. His mission is to help you have an experience of a lifetime! Be the best University in the county. And last but not least…he also makes the best pancakes for breakfast!


Zach: (Chief Product Officer)

Zach has always been an ingenious soul and innately knows how to transform a great vacation into an unforgettable experience for groups of friends at universities across the country. Zach knows a great time when he sees one, and has found a way to capitalize a college vacation into an event that everyone wants to be a part of!

Zach is also one the most adventurous people you will ever meet. He is one of those guys who will see something great happen and say, “I can do that too”. Zach welcomes competition and pushes people to be their best. Be it a Spring Break, Winter or Summer, he prides himself into bringing wit and intelligence to every activity you will be part of!