We Turned The Worst Part Into One Of The Best! IMAGINE ENJOYING THE RIDE

Why Bring A Car Full Of Friends When You Can BRING THEM ALL

First Ever Organized College Spring Break Package

It's Not Legendary, Unless Your Friends Are There To See It

What To Expect

High tide low tide [more info]
Sunrise and sunset [more info]

What To Bring

Your Friends
Pillow / Blanket
Snacks (there will be stops for gas station snacks)
Bathing Suits
Club Clothes
Sandals for Beach
Gym Shoes for Activities

Why Myrtle Beach?

We have been organizing spring breaks for college students for the past 4 years and have traveled throughout the country and the world in search for a Spring Break paradise. We have been to the best Spring Break locations and have had great times, but we were astonished when we visited Myrtle Beach. When Myrtle Beach was a major contender for our location in 2020 we decided to go down and visit to see what the location had to offer, we were supposed to be on a 2 day trip to see if Myrtle Beach was a good fit for college students. Our 2 day trip turned into almost a month trip because we found paradise and never wanted to leave. Myrtle Beach is a service-based city designed to give a vacation you did not think was possible.

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